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5Kevents provides complete race planning and execution services. We work with organizations, communities and companies of all sizes.

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As we say in the race business... "Timing is everything"!

If you’ve ever participated in an organized race, you will have experienced either traditional or chip timing to calculate race times. We provide both methods of timing.

The traditional system incorporates a pull tag service and is suitable for smaller races. This service is cheaper than chip timing and is typically just as accurate as chip timing when utilizing a shot Gun Start Method.

For larger races (Over 300) Chip timing has quickly become the norm among race timing companies. The system offers the most accurate results and most desired by avid runners.

5Kevents will discuss with your event staff and provide insight into which system will best fit your needs. We also offer free online registration services, sponsorship programs, volunteer management and race necessities to fill all your events needs. 

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