Regional Endurance Challenge®

Earn your Challenge Coins!

Welcome to the 10th Annual Regional Endurance Challenge –  REGISTER HERE

Commit to staying fit by joining the Regional Endurance Challenge. We know that staying fit and healthy is no easy task. It takes commitment, focus and it doesn’t hurt to have a few friends to help keep you accountable. That’s what we’re here for!

It starts by making the commitment to participate in monthly events. After that, it’s a matter of training and showing up!

The best part is we reward you for your efforts! You get cool swag at each event, collect your Challenge Coins and we finalize the challenge with a party and awards ceremony.

Get started today by signing up for 10 (Bronze), 15 (Silver), 20 (Gold)  You must complete the events to be eligible for awards. You can participate remotely or at the physical events.