FREE ABS for 5Kevents participants


Designed for tracking and safety.


Our live tracking app lets you share your training runs and live events with friends and family. The app provides real-time information like run time, pace, distance, elevation and more. You can enable tracking and share with only the people you choose or display on our event screen for our spectators to view. A perfect tool for your friends to meet you at the finish line!


COMING SOON: We are adding new features which will include a system called RED ALERT (Runners Emergency Distress Call). This will allow a runner to send a message to the race director during events or a friend during training that you need help. You will have 10 seconds to disable the alert to prevent the app from calling 911. If not done this will trigger an emergency 911 call and send you GPS coordinates to the local authorities.

ABS Benefits

– LIVE event tracking

– User Dashboard to monitor progress

– Event route maps

– Share with friends & family


– Allows the event directors and first responders to track event progress

– RED Alert (Coming soon)…RED will send the event director your GPS position in case a runnier is in distress, It will automatically send a 911 call with your GPS position if not disabled within 10 seconds


– Download mobile app

– Open app, start timer

– Enable Live tracking

– Share with friends and family

– LIVE event tracking


COMING THIS SPRING 2018 or SOONER. Stop back for updates.


Race Director – Event progress and tracking


Make sure your participants can share your event experience with friends and family…


Having orchestrated 100’s of events nationwide, we understand how important it is to know the who, what, when and where that is happening on the course. You can’t be everywhere at all times so this ABS system will keep you in the know.  Check out the benefits this offers race directors! 



– Display race course for participants

– Locate participants on the course

– LIVE tracking

– Include markers, port-o-potties, water stations

– Use the app as your turtle

– First Responder Locator tool

– Public Display.

– Social Media – share on Facebook®, Twitter® and text messages

– Acts as a back-up for timing software


– Login or create a new account

– Map your race using Google® maps

– Tell your participants about ABS

– Participants track themselves LIVE at your event

Watch your event go viral as participants share their event experience with friends and family on FaceBook®, Twitter® and via text messages


Coming this Spring 2018 – a watered down version will be available soon with the full featured app available this summer.