We are a national company, licensing events nationwide. Our trademarks are one of the biggest assets of our company. To maintain control over our brands, protect ourselves and our licensee’s against infringers we must defend and protect our marks. Maintaining a strong trademark and branding is key to a successful future for our members and ourselves.


The biggest question we receive is this: 


“Our event is in Ohio (or wherever), why can’t we use the same event name? Surely we are not competing against you?”


Sorry… Yes you are. You would be diluting our national branding. It’s just a matter of time before someone desires to promote one of our events in your market area. We need to protect our brands from infringers.


Infringement occurs even if the names are not identical… Courts consider “Sight, Sound and Meaning” when determining if the two marks are similar. For example,  try to name your fast food restaurants McDowell’s, and you’ll quickly see that marks don’t need to be identical to cause infringement.


Keep in mind if you infringe on our marks we will ask the court to pay us any money you made as a result of the infringement as well as for damages and legal fees.


If you want to use one of our marks… JUST ASK. We don’t even charge a fee to use them. We only ask that you use our registration platform, follow our event models to assure your success, use our logos as intended,and purchase basic event materials such as medals, tees, signs and banners or any other branded item. Keep in mind we buy in bulk and pass the savings on to you! has invested in numerous trademarks, patents and copyrights to protect it’s intellectual property. These marks are as follows:


Our EVENT LOGO designs can be seen at: , llc – Copyright ©  | | Caledonia, Wisconsin | All rights reserved


4th Fest 5K WI Only WI Only ® 4684222 05/21/13
A Spooktacular 5K ® 4767991 10/26/14
Athlete Buddy System (ABS) ® 5513767 01/03/18
Bacon & Kegs ® 4630228 01/17/14
Be Mine 5K ® 86843379 10/26/14
Cinco K Mayo ® 87845632 03/20/18
Follow the Liter 5K ® 87954931 06/05/18
Holiday Mile ® 4980110 11/09/13
Home Emergency Launch Pad ® 87851595 02/01/18
Join the Movement ® 5512428 11/27/17
Leftover 5K ® 5364970 02/19/16
Mom’s Day 5K ® 4626547 05/12/13
Regional Endurance Challenge ® 4638774 01/01/13
Remote Runners ® 5512428 11/27/17
St. Pat’s Day 5K ® 4626574 04/16/14
Stuff the Sleigh 5K ® 4655726 10/24/12
St. Nicholas Day ® 3646650 10/01/07
Run for the Boobees TM 88142886  08/03/18
Home Emergency Launch Pad    

EXAMPLE: A company in Washington tried to trademark the term “Bacon Eggs & Kegs ” (SEE USPTO SER.# 87941600)  thinking they’ll  just tweak it a bit…  Our trademark is “Bacon & Kegs“. Ser. # 86297015. Their mark was refused being too similar to ours. The point is, save yourself a lot of headaches, research the trade names, do your homework, if it seems to close, it likely is.