We believe in rewarding those who help our charities!  

Help us help our charities and we will reward you for your good deeds!


Simply register for the event like you normally would,  commit to raising a minimum of $100 in donations, bring the donations with you to the event and we will rebate the full cost of your registration up to $30. 

How to get started…


Step 1: Register. You may also register the day of the event, but we cannot guarantee a goodie bag, swag or medal. 


Step 2: Set a sponsored goal of at least $100. We hope that each participant finds ten or more sponsors to help us reach our charities mission. Ask your friends, family and co-workers to sponsor your walk/run. Let them know the special impact their sponsorship will have on the charity. Collect the donation at the time of your initial contact with each sponsor.



Step 3: Collect your pledges. This is a prepaid run/walk. Please bring your collected donations on event day. Make checks payable to List each sponsor’s name, address and contribution amount on the Sponsor form for a tax receipt. Corporate Sponsorship/advertising acquired by you will also count towards your total amount collected.


Step 4: Run/Walk. Meet us at the event venue and pick up your T-shirt, goodie bag and race bib. Bring the whole family! The run/walk will take place rain or shine.


NOTE: If  you sign up under the “Run for Free” level and  collect less than $100 but still want to run, you’ll need to pay the onsite registration fee or up to the $100 pledge goal.


All participants who raise at least $100 in donations will be recognized on the day of the event. The top three fund-raisers in attendance will receive appreciation prizes!