Team Divisions

Anyone is eligible to form a team. At least five team members must cross the finish line to place in the team standings. You may enter a team in one of three divisions:


COMPETITIVE CUP – Award presented to the organization (Businesses, manufacturer, banks, retailer, law firms, etc.) who has the highest combined attendance at all qualifying events. Make sure your attendees sign up under your team name. 


FITNESS CLUBS/BUSINESS CUP AWARD – Award presented to the organization (Fitness Clubs or Groups) who has the highest combined attendance at all qualifying events.


FAMILY AND FRIENDS CUP AWARD – Award presented to the group who has the highest combined attendance at all qualifying events.



5Kevents.org’s Wellness Program

“If exercise could be packed in a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation.” Robert N. Butler, M.D. , Former Director, National Institute on Aging


1. Register your Team

Select your event and signup.


2. Recruit members

  • Inform your teammates by sending them a link to the registration site. See event listings at  https://5kevents.raceentry.com
  • Team members sign up online and select your team name from the drop down list in step 3 of the registration process.


3. Team Packet Pickup

Once your packets are ready for pickup, we will contact you. Teams that register two weeks before event day can have packets delivered to the captain. 
4. Show up!
Come out and support the event and designated charity and enjoy a day of fun, exercise, music and refreshments with co-workers, family and friends.

Our Mission:

To share our love of competitive and cooperative running by bringing people together from all walks of life. We work to provide a family oriented, happy, healthy, enthusiastic atmosphere to run and socialize while supporting our community and charitable organizations. We use our passion for running to build friendships, provide encouragement, and improve ourselves with no regard to age, cultural differences, gender, pace or experience. Our goal is to learn and grow through our shared experience, and to leave no runner behind.In a World of sedentary lifestyles we encourage all ages to consider incorporating a walk or run in your daily routines. Reward yourself by signing up for one 5K each month to keep you inspired and motivated. And nothing will help you stay on the path to a healthy lifestyle more than forming a team that will keep you accountable.  Teams have a way of changing people. They create friendships, camaraderie, happiness and a healthier you.


Discover the beautiful, scenic outdoor settings with your friends and colleagues. Life is a marathon not a sprint! Remember, it’s not about how fast you go, but is about how far you go! It can be related in different aspects of life like career, learning, experience, business, relationships. JOIN THE MOVEMENT!