PIGGYBACKING… Give your event a lift!

Creative and Cost Effective 

So happy together!


Piggybacking is a technique we use to boost attendance at existing festivals. By adding a 5K run/walk to an existing event you can potentially draw a larger audience, increase revenue and create more value for everyone involved.  


And the best part! We do most of the work for you!


– Increases awareness

– Helps overall attendance

– Increases revenue streams

– New 0pportunity for sponsorship

– Added value to your vendors


Call us or request more info

– We will put together proposal

– Help us promote the event

– We will take it from there!


Want to generate more income with your existing event without increasing your workload? Consider piggybacking, a strategic practice created by 5Kevents.org to work with event planners. Piggybacking is  where two or more events take place around the same time, at the same venue, sharing resources and leverage spending on event components such as permitting, restrooms, security, food and beverage, etc. Piggybacking enables planners to save money, increase attendance and reallocate funds into other areas.

“It’s a win-win,” says Patrick Flynn, president of 5Kevents.org. “Our goal is to increase attendance to your event or festival by giving it added value. With piggybacking we can  leverage your existing event by sharing services and cross promoting.  Each group’s cost goes down, participants are happier and sponsors get a bigger bang for their investment. Your revenue should increase because you attendance will be higher and vendors will be happier. Everyone wins.”

5Kevents Piggyback Partner Program

We can orchestrate a 5K where we manage the entire event or we can do things ala-cart. Research similar events taking place around you that may be the same time as yours, determine if there’s a good fit and then reach out to us and we’ll get started! We’ve piggybacked Beer Festivals, Oktoberfests, Reunions, corporate outings and more. There is no event too small or large that we can not accommodate.