Timing Services


Timing is everything! 

5Kevents will discuss with your event staff and provide insight into which system will best fit your needs. We also offer free online registration services, sponsorship programs, volunteer management and race necessities to fill all your events needs. 

Timing Services typically include (But not limited to):

  • FINISH LINE set-up, chute and race clock
  • LIVE RESULTS during the race – Instant results
  • VIDEO BACK-UP of Finish-line results for accuracy
  • REMOTE RUNNER® option to your registration platform
  • FREE URL – www.”YourRace”
  • FREE online registration/management platform
  • FREE event planning guide
  • FREE sponsorship acquisition program
  • FREE bulk email to past participants
  • FREE text notifications to participants
  • RESULT NOTIFICATION emailed to participants upon conclusion of the race with active emails
  • AED System (Defibrillator) & First Aid kit on-site (option)
  • PERSONAL PROGRESS REPORTS  track your growth and efforts all year long through our REMOTE RUNNER ® platform

Traditional timing: (Small races under 200)


Utilizing a “shot-gun” start. This consists of chutes, bib pull tags, and sophisticated timing software & equipment. As the participants cross the finish line, the bib # is inputted into the timing software. Participants enter finish line chutes, staying in the order they finished, where the pull-tag is removed from their bib and used for accuracy to match against the data entered in the computer system. This is a very cost effective way to time a race and is an affordable alternative for small races who want professional results at reasonable rates! We recommend this timing solution for small races utilizing a shot gun start (under 200 finishers).

Chip timing: 


For larger races that require accuracy from start to finish on a individual basis or larger events that may start in  waves.


Transponder timing (also called chip timing or RFID timing) is a technique for measuring performance in sport events. A transponder working on a radio-frequency identification (RFID) basis is attached to the athlete and emits a unique code that is detected by radio receivers located at the strategic points in an event. 


STEP 1: Submit ESTIMATE  request and date availability (typically 6 to 12 months in advance)


STEP 2: Submit DISCOVERY FORM  Online Registration is a FREE service with or without utilizing any other service including timing.


STEP 3: Submit Deposit to SECURE YOUR DATE  for timing.


What type of timing is best suited for your event? 

. .

5Kevents uses flexible technology suited for races of all sizes and budgets.  We provide traditional and chip timing services.  In addition we can offer your event course measuring, route marking and much more!






We are TFRRS-XC Compliant


Event Management. 

We can time multiple races at the same time or with staggered starting times. Collects split times in multi-lap events. Swap athletes from one event to another with ease.


Live Results. 

Participants and spectators can view LIVE results via All you need is an internet connection and you can watch results as runners cross the finish line.


Live Tracking. 

Real-time information during events including route maps, run time, pace, distance, elevation and more. You can enable tracking and share with only the people you choose or display on our event screen for our spectators to view.  Download our free app


Online Capabilities. 

Create free event websites that includes online registration at no additional cost to the race director. Easily upload photos, course maps, mail-in registration forms, results, or any other file to the website through the software.

Reporting Tools. 

Print Overall, Age Division, or Team results any time  during the race by clicking a single button. Numerous other reports are also available. All reports can be exported to Word, Excel, or PDF.

Import/Export Capabilities.

Import race participants from any Excel file, no special format required. Export athletes and performances to Excel, PDF, or Word.

Public Display. 

Large screen TV to the finish line computer and the software can display each finishers name, time, and associated team the moment each person finishes.


Results Kiosk.

Display scrolling results on a laptop for your coaches and athletes to view.